Jam 5:20's team led by proven performers, prides itself on our reputation for delivering a quality product on time and on budget, maximizing the dollars invested. Expertise in governmental approvals and the permitting processes is an integral part of any construction project. We believe in no surprises and reliable team value engineering up front so there is no value lost to budget changes later.

We are uniquely qualified to provide all the necessary services required for your construction project because of the following facts: 


  • Strong commitment to your project

  • Understanding of local concerns and conditions for maximum efficiency

  • Key executive involvement in all projects

  • Established professional team and proven 20 year track record for quality, on time and on budget construction

  • Ability to provide all services required

  • Technical and diversified experience on similar building projects

  • Extensive Construction Management experience

  • Construction computer technology to assure responsive and timely management of construction activities and cost controls